Why should you buy a GCC Spec car in the UAE?

If you are looking to buy a used car in the UAE, you will probably come across the terms GCC specs. 

Most GCC spec cars are different from imported cars and are an important factor to consider when buying in the UAE. GCC cars have been specifically produced to withstand the extreme weather conditions and rough terrain of the UAE.

What makes a GCC spec car different? 

UAE is well known for its extremely hot weather, with temperatures averaging around 43 degrees celsius in the summer. Imported cars are not engineered to work efficiently in extreme heat and would be prone to overheating. GCC spec cars come equipped with advanced climate control features that are suitable for extreme heat conditions.

A conventional filtration system of imported cars will not last long in the UAE. The UAE is made up of 80% desert, meaning there is no way for cars to avoid dust or sand. GCC spec cars have filtration systems designed to work efficiently in the sandy and dusty environment, even the desert.

The radiator is responsible for keeping the engine cool when running to avoid it overheating. External heat can add to the engine’s temperature and lead to engine failure if the car is not well-equipped to withstand the extreme heat. GCC specs radiators are designed to be long lasting and keep the engine cool even in extreme temperatures. 

As well as extreme heat, humidity runs high in certain areas of the UAE, the salt in the air can cause metal parts of your car to easily rust. A GCC spec car comes with an additional layer of corrosion protection to maintain your cars bodywork.

Finally, when buying a car you also need to think about insuring it – insuring a GCC spec car will be cheaper option than an imported car. GCC spec cars also offer a good resale value due to their high demand in the used car market when looking to sell.