Offering a hassle free, digitally focused, quick and convenient way to sell your car for cash.

It is simple. Just complete these 3 steps:

  1. Complete your vehicle and personal details online 
  2. Add some images via our unique self-appraisal tool 
  3. Arrange a time for us to inspect, pick up your vehicle and complete the process is a convenient, trusted and easy way to sell your vehicle. You can save yourself time and effort, whilst obtaining the fairest valuation for your vehicle through our transparent process, including our very own self-appraisal tool that puts you in control.

Benefits include:

  • No hassle advertising your car
  • Contactless and COVID-19 friendly
  • Fair offer, easy process and quick payment
  • No time-consuming processes of dealing with potentially not-serious buyers

Yes. If you are selling on behalf of a relative or friend, we require that you get an authorization letter (i.e., Power of Attorney) from the vehicle’s registered owner. The payment and transaction details need to match the owner’s name on the vehicle’s title. We also need a government-issued ID of the owner and the person selling the vehicle on his/her behalf.

Yes. It is possible to sell a company car.

Just bring along the following documents:

  • Passport copy or Emirates ID for the assigned person
  • An authorization letter for the assigned person to sell the vehicle signed and stamped by the company’s authorized signatory on the company letterhead.
  • Bank account details of the company
  • Company trade license copy
  • All keys, service history book and registration card

We can arrange settlement of any outstanding finance on your car. Please note that you will need to provide a valid letter detailing a current settlement figure from your finance company / bank. The settlement amount will be deducted from the amount paid to you, for your car. We will settle your outstanding amount.

The price valuations given through our website are valuations based upon the information on the car you give us. It is not a price offer from us to buy your car.

Before we offer to buy any car, we always conduct a physical inspection at an agreed location. You can make an appointment for an inspection after you have received a price estimate (valuation).

The value of a car is determined by its history and respective condition. This includes unusual features as well as customization, which may not have been apparent to us when we estimated the value online. Thus, the online valuation could differ from the price that we will offer following a physical inspection.

Our online valuations are market value indications. Prior to any purchase an individual assessment of your car by our skilled experts will be necessary.

Any aspect of a car’s history as well as special features have a significant influence on its price. As we cannot see certain features of a vehicle online, the value offered online might differ from the final price.

Our valuations are valid for 72 hours, subject to no material changes with the vehicle.

Yes, you can turn up at one of our locations during operating hours without an appointment, however, to minimize your potential waiting time we do recommend making appointments wherever possible.

Yes, we do provide a service to collect / pick up your car anywhere in the UAE.

You will receive the payment via electronic bank transfer within 1 to 2 working days for domestic transfers after title transfer. We charge no fees for this service.

No, your online valuation and onsite inspection are completely free, regardless of whether you choose to sell your car. You are not obliged to sell your vehicle to us.

It is important that you bring the following documents with you to the appointment:

  • Passport or Original Emirates ID
  • Original/Electronic Registration Card
  • Both sets of car keys (if available)
  • Service history books
  • Bank details for an account in the name of the registered owner
  • If the vehicle has any finance outstanding, we will require a letter with the settlement figure from the finance company.

We will always share the full vehicle information and service history that is available from past owners.

Yes, we buy cars whether or not, they are currently running.
However, we will value the vehicle factoring the work required to get in operational again.

In the highly unlikely event that you are unable to find your vehicle on our site, please select Other and we will call you back as soon as possible.

We are unable to purchase any car without the original registration card present.
If you do not have one, you can obtain a new document by applying at your respective traffic departments, e.g. RTA.

Yes we do, however this needs to be made clear prior to physical inspection.

Yes we do, however this needs to be made clear with any supporting document prior to physical inspection.

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