Six tips to keep you going this Ramadan​

Balance your diet

During fasting, you are consuming less energy than you are using which puts you at risk if significant weight loss. Balance your diet right from your first meal or suhoor and eat food items that digest slowly like whole grains, fruits and beans. These food types of help avoid craving food up till Iftaar.

Hydrate yourself​

Consume foods which are high in water content at the start of the fasting hours so that you remain hydrated for the entire day such as; juicy fruits and vegetables like watermelon and spinach.

Avoid packaged and ready to eat food​

Avoid packaged or ready-to-eat items in your meal. Satisfy your cravings for sugar by consuming dates in your first meal. Dates are recognised as one of the most important ingredients of a meal during Ramadan.

Avoid fried food​

Instead of eating fried foods, choose boiled and steamed or grilled. Fasting helps your body cleanse itself and is the best time to cleanse your toxins and adopt healthy eating during Ramadan and beyond.

Exercise regularly​

To keep your metabolism moving during fasting, keep your body active. Brisk walking, simple stretching or climbing stairs can help you keep your body active and charged.

Never skip the first meal​

This is the most important of all; your first meal is what keeps you going during fasting. So, make sure you consume suhoor as they give you the energy you need for the entire day.